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5 comments on “Would you like to receive our newsletter?”

  1. Brian Hayden says:

    Yes I would to receive a free book and your newsletter. Thanks, Brian

  2. Ray Langrish says:

    Really pleased to see so many black horse westerns in eBook format

    • mollie says:

      We will shortly be releasing a further 150 older titles as ebooks which is exciting as they are no longer available in hardback.

      • David Horncastle says:

        I have just found you on Facebook, which I have joined recently. Between 1991 and 2001 Robert Hale published 11 of my Westerns in hardback under my name D.A. Horncastle. Most of these were published in a large print edition by Linford. I have written other books, row of which I have had published on Kindle.
        I was pondering the fate of my Westerns the other day and wondered if it would be possible to publish them on Kindle?

  3. Keith Overington says:

    Thanks for the opportunity. Would love to see an omnibus of the complete Dogbite stories released in Ebook format?

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