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McAllister’s Last Ride

Bill Cartwright

When Marshal Brent McAllister is told by the doctor that he has less than a year to live, he decides that he will not wait passively for death to overtake him. Instead, he determines to hunt down and dispose of the worst men in the state; vicious and depraved criminals, whom the law cannot touch. It is McAllister’s expectation that …

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Guns and Dreamers

Scott A. Gese

Jason McKinney feels the need to explore and decides to head out on his own to see the country beyond Kansas. When his offer of help is declined by a couple of bounty hunters he tried to hook up with in Wichita, Jason makes the decision to head south. Upon his return from a eye-opening, but short-lived, venture into Texas, …

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Gunpowder Empire

Matt Cole

Raw hatred ravaged the range land! Luke Bragg – a man with a dark past – has come to claim the sheep ranch his uncle left for him. Only once he arrives in Preston Gulch, Bragg soon finds himself in the middle of a range war with the valley’s two biggest cattle ranchers. This clash of interests, which Bragg tries …

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Even Marshals Hang!

Sam Clancy

‘They’ll send him next,’ Perry croaked again. ‘He’ll come and he’ll kill you all.’ ‘Who?’ ‘Ford.’ Josh Ford, United States Deputy Marshal! When it comes to fighting outlaws, he’s hell on wheels and this time he’ll need to be. Two of their own have disappeared in the Moose River Mountains and the trail leads to Stay. A small town under …

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Day of the Hired Gun

Ethan Flagg

Hired gunfighter Cole Jardine has decided to call time on his dangerous profession when he receives a mysterious job offer from the Colorado town of Red Mesa. All set to ignore it, his partner Waco Santee suddenly arrives back at their cabin in Wyoming to announce that the army are hot on their heels. With minutes to spare, flight across …

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A Short Ride to Hell

Paul Green

When a Wells Fargo stage is robbed and all the passengers murdered, Sheriff Luke Callaghan is suspicious of Jackson Tate’s claim that this was the work of Apaches. He sets off in pursuit of Tate and his gang, only to find himself battling the gun running Mexican bandit, Hector Salinas. Things go from bad to worse, and Callaghan is forced …

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Valeron’s Justice

Terrell Bowers

Nash Valeron didn’t expect starting up his doctor’s practice would be so lively. But when a young woman arrives, his life is basically turned upside down and inside out. What begins as protecting the girl from a couple bullies becomes a life or death situation. Land grabbing, murder and a host of killers are in Nash’s immediate future. The only …

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Gunfight at Copper Creek

Robert McNeil

Texas, 1874: when ex-cavalrymen Ben Turner and Wes Noble arrive in Copper Creek, they discover the town is being held to ransom by a gang of gunslingers led by ruthless local rancher Ed Holden, and that the law in the town is nonexistent; its most recent marshal left town rather than face Holden’s men. Nevertheless, Turner and Noble opt to …

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Black Heart Black Spades

Frank Chandler

Orphaned after tragic events during a dreadful storm, two young children, Jacob and Rachel Peterson, leave Beckinson in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains for adoption by an uncle and aunt in Chicago. Ten years later, when the opportunity arises to expand his uncle’s business, Jacob chooses to set up in Beckinson. Fifteen year-old Rachel remembers nothing of the past …

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Bad Day in Greenville

Alexander Frew

Joe Flint got up that morning to just another day in Greenville. But when you lived in a border town in New Mexico every day was different: this was going to be a bad one. Who was the dead man on the mysterious coach that rode into town? A coach that carried a badly injured woman and a crying child. …

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