Robert Hale Ltd published their first Western in 1936, and have been publishing Western fiction continuously since that time, firstly under their own imprint, and since the mid 1980s under their wholly owned imprint BLACK HORSE WESTERNS. In 2015 Robert Hale and its Black Horse imprint became part of The Crowood Press, a family owned publishing house, which is committed to continuing with the Black Horse imprint and to working with both new and established authors and editors.

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Author Spotlight: Carl Bernard aka Abe Dancer & Caleb Rand


Meet the man who writes under the pseudonyms of Abe Dancer & Caleb Rand:     The early years … sitting astride the arm of an art-deco settee, watching Cisco Kid on television, wearing Tom Mix papier-mache hats, toting chrome …

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TOES OF THE WEST – November Short Story


  TOES OF THE WEST  Dogbite Fourteen Dan Crow and Henry Lee lay side by side in identical tin baths in the back of Chow Ling’s Chinese Laundry. Every now and then Chow Ling’s boy brought in a huge jug of fresh hot water and topped up t …

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The Kentucky Kid – Dogbite 13


Dogbite 13 The Kentucky Kid Dan Crow said, ‘He sure enough looks a mean son of a bitch.’ Henry Lee nodded in agreement, ‘I am surely not hankering to get close to him and that’s also sure enough.’ ‘It can’t be helped, someone has to take hi …

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Dogbites 11 onwards


Dogbite 11 Money in the Bank It was raining, a wet Wyoming drizzling rain that soaked both man and horse as fast as any downpour. Too wet to ride to Dogbite which meant it would be a miserable Saturday evening in the bunkhouse. There was th …

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New From Black Horse Westerns

The Feud at Broken Man

Frank Callan

Lord Harry Lacey, the youngest son of an English aristocrat, he has run away from debts at home to start a new life in America, using his skills with horses and guns to make a living as he journeys west to Colorado. Then he decides to give up his guns and start a new life as a public speaker in …

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A Dark Dawn in Texas

Richard Smith

On her deathbed, Laura Peters shocks her son by belatedly revealing that his uncle did not die alongside Paul’s father in the bloody confrontation at Gettysburg in July 1863. She urges Paul to ride west in a quest to find this relative who holds a guilty secret from those dreadful Civil War days. With mixed emotions he takes up the …

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The Dead, the Dying and the Damned

Matt Cole

Cotton Harding, former Civil War soldier and current gunslinger, has no part in the war that is taking place between a brutal Mexican bandit king and the towns he is terrorizing. Harding hates men like Benitez, who kills to live and lives to kill. Harding has come to Mexico to earn money doing what the war had made him good …

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The Holmbury Country Seat War

K S Stanley

Who really was involved in the brutal massacre of a small village at the start of the American Civil War and what became of them? In this bitter tale, the truth doesn’t finally emerge until 1887 when good men turned bad fight ruthlessly to ensure that their town is elected as the Holmbury County Seat. K.S. Stanley lives in London …

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A Sack Full of Dollars

Lee Lejeune

John Smiley is a travelling entertainer. As he and his son and daughter are approaching the small township of Silver Spur in Kansas, they encounter Black Bart, a notorious gunman, who demands money and carbine whips Smiley’s son. Smiley, however, is a skilled boxer and humiliates the outlaw, leaving Black Bart hell-bent on revenge, leading to a series of dark …

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Legacy of a Gunfighter

Terry James

Following his release from prison, all gunfighter Luke Nicholls wants is revenge against William Grant, the man who almost killed him. Unfortunately, when the two meet, things don’t go the way Luke had imagined. Struck down by a mysterious malady, his confidence is shaken. More complications arise when Kate Portillo, a woman out to avenge the murder of her husband, …

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