Robert Hale Ltd published their first Western in 1936, and have been publishing Western fiction continuously since that time, firstly under their own imprint, and since the mid 1980s under their wholly owned imprint BLACK HORSE WESTERNS. In 2015 Robert Hale and its Black Horse imprint became part of The Crowood Press, a family owned publishing house, which is committed to continuing with the Black Horse imprint and to working with both new and established authors and editors.

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Gunfight at Hell’s End


Gunfight at Hell’s End By Brent Towns writing as Sam Clancy   He came in from the scorching alkali flats late in the afternoon. At first glance, the speck in the distance could have been mistaken for a mirage amid the shimmering heat h …

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Mountain Justice by B S Dunn


Mountain Justice By Brent Towns writing as B S Dunn   Dan Pearson kicked out the fire and cursed the cold. A small column of brown smoke flecked with glittering orange sparks floated up into the bitter morning air. He pulled the collar …

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Texans: A Short Story by Lee Clinton


  TEXANS  (A Short Story by Lee Clinton)   Brunswick, Missouri 1887   When John Crane walked into the back room of Tate’s to pick up dry goods, he had unintentionally entered the devil’s den. He was a man with a good nose for smelling …

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The Undiscovered Gems of Western Cinema with Lee Clinton


The Undiscovered Gems of Western Cinema  Lee Clinton rediscovers two gems of western cinema, Stagecoach and The Big Trail, that have long been lost to many fans of western films.    Every Western lover has their favourite books, the on …

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New From Black Horse Westerns


Cole Shelton

One hundred factory-new repeating rifles had gone missing, and if they fell into the wrong hands, the west would run red with blood.  The job of finding them and returning them to the Army fell to Shane Preston and Jonah Jones. But along the way they collected a rag-tag bunch of helpers, from a Mormon missionary to a disgraced, back-shooting …

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Wagons West of Hell

Cole Shelton

Following the death of its guide, a wagon train bound for Gun Creek had stalled outside the small town on Conchita. But when Shane Preston and Jonah Jones rode in on the trail of the scar-faced man Shane had sworn to kill, wagon master Huston Whittaker saw an answer to their problems. Whittaker was an old friend of Shane’s, and …

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Last Train to Gun Ridge

Cole Shelton

It was the riskiest job Shane Preston and Jonah Jones had ever taken on. The Texas Rangers wanted them to ride into a lawless town called Sombrero and kidnap Lobo Dawson, a prominent member of Sam Hashknife’s notorious outlaw gang. If they could fetch him back to Ranger headquarters, it was hoped that he’d reveal the location of Hashknife’s hideout …

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Robbers’ Roost

Steven Gray

Gustavus Greeley is a bounty hunter, not a private detective. Nevertheless, he reluctantly accepts an assignment to travel to Elk Horn and discover whether or not Robin Warner, the town’s ex-sheriff, is guilty of being a member of the gang of stagecoach robbers plaguing the area. On the way he sees for himself the way the gang operate when the …

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Brand of the Forgotten

Sheldon Cole

Blake Durant wasn’t looking for trouble, but as usual, trouble found him anyway. It came in the shape of a crusty old miner called Pete Doubell, who was outnumbered and under attack by a bunch of gunmen when Blake ran across him. Ever the loner, Blake wanted no part of it, but somehow he got drawn into a complicated web …

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Cry Riot

E. Jefferson Clay

Spargo was a mining town… but there hadn’t been any mining there for a while. The mines were in a dangerous condition, and their owner, Foley Kingston, refused to make improvements. So the miners-those who’d survived the numerous cave-ins and accidents-went on strike, and Kingston called on his old friend, Duke Benedict, to help him break it. Benedict’s partner, big …

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