Robert Hale Ltd published their first Western in 1936, and have been publishing Western fiction continuously since that time, firstly under their own imprint, and since the mid 1980s under their wholly owned imprint BLACK HORSE WESTERNS. In 2015 Robert Hale and its Black Horse imprint became part of The Crowood Press, a family owned publishing house, which is committed to continuing with the Black Horse imprint and to working with both new and established authors and editors.

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Gun Fire at Hell’s End


Gunfight at Hell’s End By Brent Towns writing as Sam Clancy   He came in from the scorching alkali flats late in the afternoon. At first glance, the speck in the distance could have been mistaken for a mirage amid the shimmering heat h …

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Mountain Justice by B S Dunn


Mountain Justice By Brent Towns writing as B S Dunn   Dan Pearson kicked out the fire and cursed the cold. A small column of brown smoke flecked with glittering orange sparks floated up into the bitter morning air. He pulled the collar …

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Discover More About The Old West

Dogbite 16


Dogbite 16: Empty saddles in the Dogbite corral Chris Adam Smith Dan Crow was sitting at a corner table in Halloran’s Saloon, it was an early Sunday evening and the place, like Dogbite’s Main Street was deserted. He read and reread the lett …

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The Legend of William Bonney


The Legend of William Bonney By John McNally   That feller could shoot. He had two real good looking guns. They had seven inch barrels with a medium sized gold-bead front sight and a U rear sight. He said he made his own competition ca …

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New From Black Horse Westerns

The Other Madden

Brent Towns

There is oil on Madden land and Bren Deavers means to have it. But when Joe Madden is killed and sent home wrapped in barbed wire, things heat up. For the Maddens are fighters and Elmira and Emily are going to do just that. But Joe also had a brother. One nobody talked about. The dangerous one. They just referred …

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Last Chance Saloon

Cole Shelton

Brett Cassidy, professional gunfighter, has hung up his guns for the peaceful life of a trapper, but one day he receives an urgent letter from a beautiful young widow. The settlers in Lonesome Valley need him. Cheyenne war smoke is rising, and a greedy saloon owner and his hired guns are making life hell for the widow and her friends. …

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Wanted Dead or Alive

Ralph Hayes

A year after being saved from kidnapping, Dulcie Provost is waiting for the return of her rescuer, bounty hunter Certainty Sumner. But first Sumner has to carry out one more mission – tracking down the sadistic outlaw known as the Lakota Kid. But unbeknown to Sumner, he himself is also the quarry of an equally ruthless bounty hunter, Luther Bastian. …

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Trail of Lead

Mike Deane

When bandit Charlie Weston robs a bank in Baxter Springs he is on dangerous ground. Marshal Pete Baker is the lawman in town and he will not let Weston get away easily. He sets out to bring the bank robber to justice, starting a manhunt that will stretch all the way west along the emigrant trail. And end in a …

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Bad Blood at Harlow’s Bend

Scott Connor

When Lorimer Hall returns to the town of Clear Creek after ten years away everything has changed. His father is dead, his friend Budd Ewing has been killed and nobody wants to know him.  He decides to move on, but with it looking as if Budd’s killer, Glenn Harlow, might get lynched, he is persuaded to accept the task of …

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Sam Clancy

After his last indiscretion, Bass sends Josh Ford to Texas. Let him be someone else’s headache for a while. The marshal there is an old friend and welcomes the badge-toting hellraiser with open arms and a whole wagon load of trouble. Then word comes that Bass is missing and Ford swears he’ll walk through the fires of Hell itself to …

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