Win a free Black Horse Western e-books this Christmas!

We are giving away a free e-book to anyone who emails in the hidden phrase in the crossword below.

To enter use the clues below to fill in the crossword. Then unscramble the letters on the green squares and email in the hidden phrase to Good luck!

HIDDEN PHRASE:                                                               (5,9)



3. The number of sons Dorothy Daniels has in The Sons of Some Dear Mother (4)

6. Name of a US state (7)

9. The character who famously rides a chocolate-coloured appaloosa in Sam Clancy’s books (7,5)

10. In Doug Bluth’s The Last Bounty the name of the lady who catches the eye of grizzled bounty hunter Logan Slade (7,9)

12. The name of the colt which the Colt company brought out in 1848 (7)

13. The name of flamboyant Mexican bandit Zococa’s mute sidekick in Zococa and The Lady (6)

14. The number of books in P. J. Gallagher’s The Pinfire Lady series (5)


1. The year the first Black Horse Western was published by Robert Hale. 19.. (6,3)

2. The original name of the man the Mexican’s call El Tigre in B S Dunn’s The Fury of El Tigre (3,6)

4. Author of The Sins of the Motherlode (8,1,6)

5. The main character’s name in Derek Rutherford’s ‘Dead Man’ series (3,7)

7. The number of pages in a Black Horse Western hard back (e.g. 270 written as twosevenzero) (3,3,4)

8. A pseudonym for Simon Webb (7,4)

11. Complete this title: A Man Called …. (4)


Hint: All answers can be found right here on our website at .



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