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A short story: Uriah’s Cask by Brian Gabriel


Uriah’s Cask By  Brian Gabriel The mean yellow sun bore down on a mule-pulled wagon rolling west past desert scrub up through Redington Pass, which splits the Rincons and the Santa Catalinas. In the wagon’s bed, covered by worn canvas, a pi …

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Meet Author Gillian F Taylor


Meet Gillian F Taylor, author of titles such as The Sins of the Motherlode and Outlaw Express as she gives Black Horse Westerns an exclusive interview. Of all your books which did you enjoy writing the most? I think it would have to be ‘Dyn …

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Dogbite 16


Dogbite 16: Empty saddles in the Dogbite corral Chris Adam Smith Dan Crow was sitting at a corner table in Halloran’s Saloon, it was an early Sunday evening and the place, like Dogbite’s Main Street was deserted. He read and reread the lett …

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The Legend of William Bonney


The Legend of William Bonney By John McNally   That feller could shoot. He had two real good looking guns. They had seven inch barrels with a medium sized gold-bead front sight and a U rear sight. He said he made his own competition ca …

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Shooting Irons – A Brief Outline


Pat Gallagher, the man behind the pen name Greg Mitchell and a long time writer of BHWs takes a look at the firearms popular during the time of the Old West. The idea of a multi-shot weapon firing shots from a revolving cylinder had been ar …

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The Cowards of Coyote Crossing: A Short Story


  The Cowards of Coyote Crossing By David P. Barker   Sheriff McShea hated bare-knuckle boxing. He hated seeing grown men that should otherwise be with their families spend money watching other grown men, who should be spending time wi …

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The Role of the Cowboy in the Old West


Pat Gallagher, the man behind the pen name Greg Mitchell and a long time writer of BHWs helps dispel the myths surrounding the role of the cowboy in the Old West….   The popular image of a cowboy is someone riding quietly beside a he …

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Dogbites 11 onwards * Short stories from Chris Adam Smith*


Dogbite 11 Money in the Bank It was raining, a wet Wyoming drizzling rain that soaked both man and horse as fast as any downpour. Too wet to ride to Dogbite which meant it would be a miserable Saturday evening in the bunkhouse. There was th …

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DOGBITE 1 – 10 * Short stories from Chris Adam Smith *


Dogbite  1 GUNFIGHT AT DOGBITE Henry Lee said, ‘The only gunfight I ever saw was right here in Halloran’s Saloon, right here in Dogbite in the summer of eighty-one. Do you recall that one, Dan?’’ Dan  Crow shook his head, ‘No, I was up on t …

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MULTICULTURALISM AND THE WILD WEST Nowadays we talk about ‘multiculturalism’ as if this is a new thing. In the Hollywood films from away back, cowboys are depicted as being an all-white and fairly homogenous bunch of dudes. The truth is muc …

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