Black Heart Black Spades

Black Heart Black Spades

Frank Chandler

Orphaned after tragic events during a dreadful storm, two young children, Jacob and Rachel Peterson, leave Beckinson in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains for adoption by an uncle and aunt in Chicago. Ten years later, when the opportunity arises to expand his uncle’s business, Jacob chooses to set up in Beckinson. Fifteen year-old Rachel remembers nothing of the past and is unaware of the anger that is consuming her brother. Jacob is set on discovering the truth behind the events that took their parents, but Beckinson is now rife with corruption; a degenerate and dangerous town where outlaws walk free. What could Jacob possibly do against that?

Book Details

  • Publication date: June 1, 2017
  • Formats: Hardback PPC , Ebook
  • Price: £14.50
  • Number of pages: 160
  • ISBN: 9780719822452

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