Gunfight at the Nameless Village

Gunfight at the Nameless Village

Chris Adam Smith

Harry James Luck, Civil War veteran, US Cavalry captain, sometime lawman, gambler and part-time town drunk, resigns his army commission and heads south to the High Plains country of Texas in the hope of settling down to a trouble and conflict free life. He meets the lovely Bonnie Luxford, buys a small but attractive ranch and sees his trail clear ahead and going on forever.

Texas trails never run straight, though, and a wandering band of Comancheros bring the dream to a fire-ravaged close. Harry knows he cannot forever hide in a bottle and with an elderly Comanche as his only companion, he sets his sights on a new road, a trail of revenge. The two men, together with a small company of adventurous young Texas Rangers and an over-the-hill lawman, seek out the infamous Comanchero Miguel Sanchez and beard him in his own den, a little Mexican hamlet without a name. What followed went down in Western folklore as the Gunfight at the Nameless Village.

Praise for Gunfight at the Nameless Village:

“The latest in a long list of magnificent tales of the Wild West from Chris Adam Smith.I was enthralled from the prologue and savoured every page of this gripping story. Join Harry Luck and follow his fortunes, good and bad, as he embarks on a life away from the Army.  You will not be disappointed…read and enjoy!”
“A first rate story from a well established author. A good yarn with believable characters and with enough action to satisfy those readers who like to see villains sought out and punished for their sins. Recommended to all lovers of real westerns.”
Yet another gem from this master of the genre … exciting, informative, and equally sympathetic to the cause of Native Americans and the well-being of animal-life … The author knows his subject intimately, crafts great characters, and understands the limits of human-kind … a fabulous read, UNPUTDOWNABLE!”

Chris Adam Smith, aka Harry Jay Thorn, is a lifelong western enthusiast. Ex movie magazine publisher, merchant sailor, military policeman and past member of the Western Writers of America, he has penned 15 novels and many short stories under both names. Now semi-retired, he lives in Sussex and spends most of his time writing westerns and a semi humorous column for the local newspaper under the name of Whispering Smith.

Book Details

  • Publication date: May 1, 2018
  • Formats: Hardback PPC , Ebook
  • Price: £14.50
  • Number of pages: 160
  • ISBN: 9780719827198

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