Valeron’s Justice

Valeron’s Justice

Terrell Bowers

Nash Valeron didn’t expect starting up his doctor’s practice would be so lively. But when a young woman arrives, his life is basically turned upside down and inside out. What begins as protecting the girl from a couple bullies becomes a life or death situation. Land grabbing, murder and a host of killers are in Nash’s immediate future. The only way to combat the odds is to ask for help from his family.

A lethal ambush, a corrupt asylum, and plots to kill the girl abound. And only the combined strength and savvy of the Valeron people can foil the wrongdoers sinister plans. Who will be left standing after the blood and gun-smoke finally clears?

Book Details

  • Publication date: June 1, 2017
  • Formats: Hardback PPC , Ebook
  • Price: £14.50
  • Number of pages: 160p
  • ISBN: 9780719822469

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