Meet author George Snyder

George Snyder has written: The Gunman and The Angel, Dry Gulch Outlaws and Shadow Shooters. A bachelor who lives aboard and sails his small sloop in Southern California, George Snyder has published 53-plus books and dozens of short stories and articles.  Early short stories were published in men’s pulpmagazines during the sixties and seventies, with his first novel published in 1963 by Nova Paperbacks.  Matt Warshaw, editor of the surfing book, Zero Break described George as “a durable pulp fiction novelist.”

He retired at 55 as Senior Editor of Technical Publications from McDonnell-Douglas (Boeing).

After completing the four-part western saga, The Gunfighter’s Lady he is now committed to writing westerns, and has started his western Hawkstone series of novels while pursuing other interests of reading, films, tournament billiards, sailing, snorkeling, ocean fishing, motorcycling, tent camping, metal detecting, gold prospecting/panning, hiking, and travel. He is a fanatic NFL fan. Go Seahawks!


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  1. GARY severns says:

    George. Where are you these days

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