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THE TRUTH ABOUT SOAPY JOE A short story from John McNally


  Now, Soapy Joe was a liar. If you’ve ever come across him then you know exactly what I mean. If you ain’t never met him, why, then you take my word for it or ask some of the others if I’m wrong. We all knew it but he told a decent st …

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A VISIT FROM FAYE A Short Story by John McNally


A Visit from Faye by John McNally  author of Revenge at Powder River and A Gift From Crick   Walt sat on the veranda in his rocking chair. He made the chair himself those three years past and he reckoned it just got more comfortable wi …

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Dogbite Seventeen by Chris Adam Smith aka Harry J Thorn   Long before Old John Halloran opened up his Saloon and Pool Hall in Dogbite with the added attraction of the ladies upstairs, Halloran had been a fair country doctor who quit hi …

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Meet author George Snyder


George Snyder has written: The Gunman and The Angel, Dry Gulch Outlaws and Shadow Shooters. A bachelor who lives aboard and sails his small sloop in Southern California, George Snyder has published 53-plus books and dozens of short stories …

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Short Story: An Unkind Sunday – Joseph O’Hara


“You ain’t going to do nothin’, Saturday.” Staines grinned, nuzzling his face into the ample cleavage dark-haired young saloon girl. “You’re outnumbered twelve to one, you try and take me and these men here will gun you down like the old do …

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Would you like to review for us?


We are looking for keen readers and bloggers to review published Black Horse Westerns on blogs, Amazon, and Goodreads. If you are interested in receiving a free e-copy of any of our titles in exchange for an honest review then send me an em …

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Short Story: The Hangman – Will Starr


A Short Story by Will Starr ‘It’s time.’ Jake Smithers glared at me from his bunk and remained seated. ‘If I have to, I’ll get Jonas and Billy and we’ll carry you out.’ I paused. ‘Don’t let them see you scared, Jake. Walk out there on your …

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Short Story: A Nothing Kind of Sunday


Dogbite sixteen February’s Short Story A quiet Sunday afternoon, the eternal Wyoming breeze drifted across the valley easing away some of the trapped heat surrounding the yard and buildings of the Rocking W. The only activity, small dun-col …

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Short Story : The Silence of Stillman Lott


The Silence of Stillman Lott John McNally The one-armed man came in now and again, but he wasn’t no regular. He had something of the army about him, the look of a veteran of some hard war. Maybe it cost him his arm; we didn’t know and we di …

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Short Story: Jack Bones, Gone to Texas


January’s Short Story Marshal Thomas Lang was old school and saw himself as a bit of a ‘I got here too late but would have been a hell of a star-packer had I been around twenty years ago’ kind of lawman and the first thing he did when appoi …

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