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Short Story: A Nothing Kind of Sunday


Dogbite sixteen February’s Short Story A quiet Sunday afternoon, the eternal Wyoming breeze drifted across the valley easing away some of the trapped heat surrounding the yard and buildings of the Rocking W. The only activity, small dun-col …

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Short Story : The Silence of Stillman Lott


The Silence of Stillman Lott John McNally The one-armed man came in now and again, but he wasn’t no regular. He had something of the army about him, the look of a veteran of some hard war. Maybe it cost him his arm; we didn’t know and we di …

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Short Story: Jack Bones, Gone to Texas


January’s Short Story Marshal Thomas Lang was old school and saw himself as a bit of a ‘I got here too late but would have been a hell of a star-packer had I been around twenty years ago’ kind of lawman and the first thing he did when appoi …

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Author Spotlight: Carl Bernard aka Abe Dancer & Caleb Rand


Meet the man who writes under the pseudonyms of Abe Dancer & Caleb Rand:     The early years … sitting astride the arm of an art-deco settee, watching Cisco Kid on television, wearing Tom Mix papier-mache hats, toting chrome …

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Meet author Chris Adam Smith aka Harry Jay Thorn


ALL THE BLACK HORSES Chris Adam Smith aka Harry Jay Thorn looks back to the origins of his love of the old west and his first Black Horse Western novel…   I do not rightly recall where it all began, my love of the western, but at the b …

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Publisher interview


Publisher Interview Back in the summer, author Jo Walpole (aka Terry James) interviewed BHW’s editor Christine Lee for her blog. This is what she had to say:   Please tell us a little about yourself and your role at Crowood Press. I’ve …

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