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Unfinished Business

Corba Sunman

Banham cocked his gun. The remaining two men came up off the floor side by side, guns smoking. Banham fired. The nearest man toppled over as the slug thudded into his chest and broke two ribs before piercing his heart. The last man was already levelling his gun. Banham shaded him, fired first, and a torrent of blood erupted from …

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Trooper Iron Eyes

Roy Black

Tracking down a wanted outlaw, Iron Eyes finds himself embroiled in the Indian wars. Badly wounded, he rides into Fort Liberty. Commanding office Colonel Brice Jay assumes that the bounty hunter is near death and takes a shine to the magnificent palomino stallion. When Iron Eyes recovers he finds that Jay has decided to take the stallion no matter what. …

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The Flames Alvorado

Peter Wilson

Matt Brogan, wrongly imprisoned for the murder of his wife and son, escapes to go in search of the real killers whose evidence brought about his conviction.   In the remote town of Alvorado, a hideaway for outlaws on the run and the power base of the McLagan family, Brogan links up with lawman Jed Harding and the pair set …

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Alex Frew

John Carter is on top of the world as the sheriff in Destiny, one of the most law-abiding towns in the south-western states. But almost from the arrival of Rebecca Seymour, the attractive, temperamental Pinkerton agent, he is in trouble.   Now he’s a target for unknown assailants who want him injured – or dead – and they’re not too …

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Last Chance in Laredo

Frank Callan

Sometimes the past catches up with a man and he can’t outrun it. Jack Brady, at just thirty years old, has seen more of the hard edge of life than most. He’s worked cattle trails, ridden shotgun, and won a reputation as a hired gun. Then, as the American-Mexican War is breaking out, he is jailed after a fight in …

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Silent Witness

James Clay

When Range Detective Rance Dehner stops to make camp he hears a strange sound coming from the surrounding brush. A young girl of about five is hiding there, unable to speak and her eyes reflecting terror. Within minutes, someone tries to ambush both Dehner and the child.   Bullets continue to fly as Dehner discovers that the child has witnessed …

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The Pinfire Lady

P. J. Gallagher

Abigail, Lady Penraven, is an Englishwoman set adrift in the wilderness of the Great American Desert. But Abbie is made of stern stuff, and she develops skills with firearms and establishes herself as a gunfighter and wagon master. During a trek westwards, seeking the supposed inheritance left by her deceased father, she encounters numerous perils that test her new skills …

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Gunsmoke Express

Gillian f Taylor

Thanks to a tip-off, Sheriff Alec Lawson and his deputies fight and capture the notorious outlaw Saul York. But the trouble doesn’t end there. Alec falls desperately ill and when he recovers, he finds that York’s lawyer has got him out on bail. Although still weakened by his illness, Alec is determined to get back to work. He soon finds …

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Gunn’s Avengers

Alvin Ford

Searching for his estranged sister who is homesteading in Dakota, Scottish clergyman Guthrie Gunn is bushwhacked, and subsequently discovers that the same outlaws had previously killed all but one of his living relatives. Rescued by the Lakota, he finds his nephew living among them. Finding new faith after undergoing a Vision Quest, which shows him that his destiny is to …

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Gunman’s Pledge

Ethan Flagg

Infamous gunslinger Wes Longbaugh is heading for his next job in Utah when he comes across a traveller cast afoot in Nevada’s arid Humboldt Sink. Never one to turn the other cheek when help is needed, Wes intercepts the staggering loner. It turns out that Mace Farlow was the sole outlaw to survive a stagecoach robbery that had gone badly …

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