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The Return of the Pinfire Lady

P. J. Gallagher

Lady Abigail Penraven returns to her native England to deal with family matters, but a visit to a London gunsmith to repair her trusty Pinfire revolver leads to the kidnapping of her Ute Indian friend Minny. The subsequent gunplay results in Abbie killing a thug who, unbeknown to her, is involved in a conspiracy to thwart the USA’s purchase of …

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The Elitists

K. S. Stanley

When the power brokers – the elite of Ravine River County – are in accord there is a good sense of law, order and justice. But when they fall out, as have the owners of a proposed new railroad with those of a steamboat company in the 1880s, the local community risks being destroyed.   K.S. Stanley lives in London …

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Sam Clancy

Dark clouds gather over the township of Storm, Montana. Fast guns have congregated to test their skills against the gunfighter called Red Rivers. The prize is ten thousand dollars, and Big Kev Riordan needs someone to collect it, because Rivers killed his son and now is the time for revenge.   Into the maelstrom ride two men. One on a …

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Marshal Flynn’s Pilgrimage

Simon Webb

Marshal Jedediah Flynn has resigned his office and is determined to become a church minister. While travelling to take up a place at a theological college in Illinois, however, he stumbles across a crime which he cannot ignore. It seems that before he can devote himself to the Lord’s work, the marshal wil be compelled to take up arms one …

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Justice Was a Man

John McNally

Brockie Jack and Big Len Quinn rob a stage coach and make off with a heap of gold only to have it stolen from them hours later. Jack scorches a trail across Montana trying to recover his lost gold. Town Marshal Matt Buck goes toe to toe with him. In this story of greed and treachery, Buck’s world is turned …

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Healer Man

Gillian f Taylor

Don Manor is injured and grieving when he meets Callum McGeachin, the small Scotsman with an impish grin and a warm heart. Callum helps him to recover, and Don grows close to his new friend, even though there is something uncanny about him. Callum has a gift for healing, and a power that others can sense.   The two drift …

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The Last Bounty

Doug Bluth

Grizzled bounty hunter Logan Slade travels to Wyoming territory in search of a bounty on lawman killer Mordecai Hodges. Along the way he is waylaid and rescued by the beautiful young widow Louanne Merrigold. Now, the fiercely independent Logan finds himself smitten, and in the middle of a land dispute between Louanne and her hostile neighbor, the ambitious cattleman Derek …

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Texas Fever

Paul Bedford

John Ewing has a dream. He wants to put defeat in the war behind him, and make something of his life. In his case, that means taking a herd of three thousand Texas Longhorns along the Chisholm Trail, all the way from San Antonio to the Kansas Pacific railhead in Abilene, Kansas. A dangerous journey of over seven hundred miles, …

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Rage at the Devil

Dale Graham

When stable hand Ben Cade returns home to visit his father, he is stunned to discover the old farmer has been killed by drinking poisoned whiskey. Suspicion falls on a peddler who has recently passed through the Nebraska town of Gothenburg asking strange questions, allegedly to locate old friends. Ben has vengeance in his heart, but his shooting ability is …

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Montana Bound

Greg Mitchell

Cowboys Marty and Harvey, at the end of a trail drive, decide to explore Montana, but fall foul of Jason Thorpe, a bank robber masquerading as a town marshal. In revenge the two cowboys take a gold watch from him but, unbeknown to them, the watch links Thorpe to a Civil War murder – and the killer is determined to …

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