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Trail To Nowhere

Sheldon B. Cole

Blake Durant was on his way to Crimson Falls when he stopped by Jessica Gray’s ranch for water. Before he could move on again, the young widow’s son came galloping into the yard, badly beaten. Three men had stolen their two calves and beaten young Jess when he tried to stop them. Much as he knew he should just ride …

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One Grave too Many

Matt Cole

Ross Chisenhall lies defenceless and defeated as four riders viciously kill his only son. In time he recuperates from near-mortal wounds, but he is left not only with a scar on his face, but a darkness inside that cannot be quenched until his child’s death is avenged. Under an assumed name he escapes to the town of Mesilla, where he …

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Mission to Treaty Mesa

Abe Dancer

When a band of Apache Mescalero are forced from their homeland, Preston Kewle sees Treaty Mesa as a favourable, well-situated base for his ever-expanding life of crime. So he sets up a home and operates out of there – but finds he is tied to the place by a commitment that is more burdensome than he ever expected. Eventually, the …

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Greenville Raiders

Alex Frew

While Sheriff Flint is out of town, bandits strike. Only they have came at the wrong time and do not get the haul they expected, leaving behind a trail of destruction. They not only destroy property, but injure three people badly enough to alter the course of their lives. When Flint comes back from his trip to another town, he …

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Bullet for a Sheepman

Cole Shelton

Trouble was brewing in the town of Longhorn, Utah. A band of nesters had moved onto land the local cattlemen had always previously claimed as their own. The nesters weren’t breaking any laws – by order of the government, they were entitled to claim and work the land. But what made things worse was that they also happened to be …

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Adios, Bandido

E. Jefferson Clay

It had been months since Brazos and Benedict had started their search for Bo Rangle, the outlaw who’d killed most of their comrades in the War and stolen a fortune in gold. But the west was a big place and Rangle could have been anywhere.  Then they chanced upon the best lead they’d had in months…. the only trouble was, …

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A Badge For Brazos

E. Jefferson Clay

Trouble was brewing in the town of Harmony, between the gun-toughs who manned the Two-Bar ranch, the hardcases who hung around the Rawhide Saloon and the beleaguered miners out at Whipple Creek. Into this explosive situation rode Hank Brazos and Duke Benedict. With a thin bankroll, they were looking to earn some fast money to continue their hunt for a …

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Valerons – Honour Bound

Terrell L Bowers

Some things grab a man’s attention… like being shot at! Jared Valeron learns that an unknown gunman has tarnished the Valeron reputation by killing a man while impersonating Cousin Wyatt Valeron. In trying to track down the culprit, Jared is drawn into an odd mystery at a gold-mining town. Solving the riddle of the killer’s target requires discovering a motive …

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Rod Wilson’s Challenge

Terry Murphy

The arrival of lawman Rod Wilson in the New Mexico town of Cabbana, a place of lawlessness, is welcomed by most but greeted with hostility by a few. Along with two fellow lawman from his past, Wilson sets about bringing law to Cabbana. With the added complication of two women vying for his attention, he has to deal with the …

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Payback Canyon

Rob Hill

Due to a combination of laziness and bad judgement, sheep farmer Wiley Hansen is broke. He tells his daughter Grace that he has arranged paid work for her on a neighbouring farm. She willingly agrees in order to help the family finances, but in reality he intends to put her up for auction in the local saloon. Grace manages to …

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