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Vulture Wings

Dirk Hawkman

Infamous low-lives, the Strong brothers will do anything for a quick buck, but this was going to be no ordinary kidnap. They are paid to abduct two young men, and don’t ask too many questions when their paymaster gives them some unusual instructions. Then as the boys’ father races to rescue his sons, he realises that their snatching is linked …

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Vigilante Law

Dale Graham

Having escaped from a firing squad at the hands of the Mexican¬†federales, Blue Creek Ben Chisum flees across the border into Texas. He is soon cast afoot when his horse breaks a leg. After wandering alone for a week he stumbles across a hanging and rescues a homesteader from ruthless vigilantes. The grateful man then offers him a half share …

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Valerons – Retribution!

Terrell L. Bowers

Not all criminals wear masks and carry guns. Some hide behind respectability and seldom wield a weapon. The Valerons seek justice for an attack and theft, but they find no smoking gun, no gunmen, not a single piece of evidence against the perpetrators. They realize they are dealing with clever and careful criminals. As Jared and Shane’s investigation alone can’t …

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Reuben’s Revenge

Ben Ray

Reuben and Grace Chisholm led a happy, almost idyllic life on a small homestead. Until one day that was to change their lives. While Reuben was in town collecting provisions, he had time for one beer. While in the saloon, he’d heard that their closest neighbours, the Carver family, had been murdered and their home burned to the ground. Reuben’s …

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Houston’s Story

Abe Dancer

George Houston’s line of work carries with it a degree of infamy, a presage of danger and it’s not long before his peaceable ride through Utah is cut dramatically short. After a rare bank robbery and the killing of one of its leading businessmen, the town of Bullhead is angry and wound up. But Agnes Jarrow believes it’s not the …

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Beware of the Guns of Iron Eyes

Rory Black

Iron Eyes finds himself staring at a forest. A forest that reminds him of a time long before he had become the scarred infamous bounty hunter he now was. As he waits for his beloved Squirrel Sally to show up on her stagecoach, his mind drifts back to how it had all started. Iron Eyes remembers the time when he …

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Jay D. West

Henry Mullins, a young cowboy from Southern California, sits back and watches the woman he loves marry someone else. That’s when he decides to leave and ride off into the great unknown. Intending to get to Los Angeles, he is forced inland by marauding Mexican bandits and eventually into the Sierra Nevadas, where he starts to trap wild animals to …

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The Trail to Devil’s Canyon

Cole Mathews

Anton Kozlov, a mountain man who wanted no part of trouble, had escaped Russia and made a life for himself living on and near Battle Mountain in Nevada. Anton is asked to do a ‘favor’ for a US Cavalry officer-to retrieve a mail order bride from a stage station and return her to the cavalryman. It sounds easy enough until …

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Merriweather Rides West

Lee Lejeune

Failed law student and ex-outlaw Jacob Merriweather is riding west to start a new life when he strikes up a friendship with Sam Critchley, an eccentric travelling preacher. Sam suggests that they call in at a smallholding owned by his friends Stan and Beth Salinger, only to find that the young couple has been shot dead. They report the murder …

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Feud Along the Dearborn

Will DuRey

Until the night of the fire, Stanton, Montana, was a peaceful town. It boasted a church, a school and a bank, and no longer attracted those hard-riding, hard-drinking characters who brought with them the kind of lawlessness and destruction that had been rife during its earlier frontier days. Its marshal, Silas Tasker, rejoiced in the knowledge that he had rid …

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