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The Valerons – Double Ante

Terrell Bowers

Sketcher, as ramrod over the Valeron cattle, takes Reese Valeron’s place on a trip to the yearly auction in Chicago with Shane and Jared Valeron. A simple sketch becomes the impetus that quickly involves Sketcher with several street urchins, a person called Mother and an unsolved murder. Meanwhile, Wyatt goes to visit a friend in the small town of Solitary. …

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The Sons of Some Dear Mother

Matt Cole

The five sons of Dorothy Daniels – Frank, a notorious gunman; Hugh, an attorney; Urban, a drifter who works odd jobs; Virgil, a sober and serious rancher; and the youngest, Casey – reunite in their hometown of Blue Springs Creek, Missouri, for their mother’s funeral, after she is murdered.   The townspeople are shocked, and an eyewitness claims it was …

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Ridgeway’s Bride

Will DuRey

Cassie Edmond was puzzled by the odd behaviour of those around her. First it was the curious bark from their dog Butte, then the old Ute called Charlie who sometimes called to trade for coffee and flour but now sat silent on his droop-headed paint at the yard gate. Finally it was her father, lifting down his Winchester to go …

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Hopeman’s Legacy

I. J. Parnham

When Leopold Hopeman bequeaths his fortune to the townsfolk of Little Creek, they use the money wisely and found the prosperous Hopeman Town. But with the booming settlement attracting men who want only personal gain, Mayor Tucker hires former Pinkerton detective Nimrod Dunn to find out why the fortune is now being squandered.   Nimrod soon uncovers the likely culprit, …

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Hell in Paradise

Pete B Jenkins

  Ex-sheriff Jed Grayson is on his way to Wyoming when he stops at the township of Paradise to rest few days. At the Golden Nugget Saloon he has an altercation with Zach Bassett, the son of the wealthiest rancher in the territory. Beating Zach to the draw, he humiliates the youngster in front of the saloon’s patrons.   Zach …

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Baruch Elias

Frank Chandler

Baruch Elias is a lucky man. At twenty-three he has pretty much everything he wants including the girl he hopes to marry. But life never runs so smooth. When a rider races into the yard with some devastating news, he has to unravel a fire, a family secret, a fatal accident and work out how all that fits together. A …

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Will Keen, Indian Scout – Paperback

Art Isberg

Will Keen is a western man living his life in two different worlds – one white, one Piaute Indian. He dresses in white man’s clothes and adopts many of his habits and mannerisms. Only high cheekbones and dark eyes that miss nothing give a hint of the Indian blood coursing through his veins. Will knows the western wilderness like no …

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The Pinfire Lady Strikes Back

P. J. Gallagher

English aristocrat Abbie Penraven has forged a new life for herself in the West. She has had to fight hard to gain respect and has become known as the Pinfire Lady due to her skill with her pinfire revolver. When Abbie’s ranch is raided and her friends kidnapped, she once more takes to the trail, to rescue the stolen ones …

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The MaCallum Boys – Paperback

C J Sommers

Most folks either loved or hated the McCallum boys. Everyone feared them. Their crusty father had brought them up to Wyoming from Texas and died, leaving them only half-grown and rough-tempered. To their neighbours on the Porter ranch, Rose Ann Porter and her niece Becky, the McCallum boys were helpful, attentive and polite. All four of the boys were half …

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The Fury of El Tigre

B S Dunn

El Tigre – the Tiger. That’s what the Mexicans called him. His name was Jim Curtis, and he was a product of the Civil War, who went to Mexico to fight in the Revolution. Now, he just roams the West, riding from one town to the next – a drifter with no home. Then fate intervenes, in the form of …

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