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Trouble in Prospect Valley

Ian Parnham

Kingsley Madsen goes to Prospect Valley to search for gold, but ends up feuding with his fellow prospectors. Before long an argument gets out of hand, leaving one man dead and another man badly wounded. Kingsley is blamed for the incident and after spending seven years in jail he never wants to hear about Prospect Valley again. Unfortunately, other people …

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Time to Decide

Frank Callan

Riding to Colorado to investigate a shipment of doctored silver ingots, Trey Cormac comes across a robbery. Scattering the bandits and saving a hostage is what any professional bounty hunter would do, but nothing is quite what it seems. At twenty-five and slightly inexperienced, he lets himself be sweet-talked by a pretty young woman, which lands him in a whole …

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The Law According to Merriweather

Lee LeJeune

Jacob Merriweather and his wife Marie have established thriving businesses in a growing town in California – hers as the proprietor of The Silversmith Hotel and his as the owner of a law firm. They have three children, two girls and a boy. Many years before, Jacob was a gunman, but he has put all that behind him … or …

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The Holdfast

Bill Cartwright

Joshua Morgan barely escaped with his life following a bungled bank robbery in Ohio, less than a year after the end of the war between the States. He could not have guessed that he would then find salvation in escorting a ten-year-old boy across the Indian Nations, in order to return the child to his mother.   Simon Webb, who …

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The Forsaken Man

Pete B Jenkins

Jim Sandford has been elected sheriff of Caldwell by a landslide victory. Riding on a wave of popularity, it looks like Jim can do no wrong, even securing the attention of the prettiest woman in town. However, she has another admirer who isn’t happy about the liaison and sets about to sabotage things for Jim.   Then Jim receives information …

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Fury of the .44

Adam Brady

It was drought country. The land was little more than dust, the cattle slowly but surely dying on the hoof. For most of the ranchers in those parts, it had been a year-long disaster. But for local businessman Harp McPhee, it was a situation he aimed to exploit for all it was worth. Knowing the drought couldn’t last forever, McPhee …

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Bad Guy – Rough Justice

Ethan Flagg

In pursuing the notorious Silver Dollar Gang, undercover agent Drew Henry is catapulted into a bizarre criminal conspiracy in the Wyoming town of Bridger. Three deputies have disappeared in mysterious circumstances, leading Drew to place himself in the firing line as the fourth potential victim. Suspicions abound as to the identity of the culprits. But only when he accidentally stumbles …

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The Return of the Pinfire Lady

P. J. Gallagher

Lady Abigail Penraven returns to her native England to deal with family matters, but a visit to a London gunsmith to repair her trusty Pinfire revolver leads to the kidnapping of her Ute Indian friend Minny. The subsequent gunplay results in Abbie killing a thug who, unbeknown to her, is involved in a conspiracy to thwart the USA’s purchase of …

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The Elitists

K. S. Stanley

When the power brokers – the elite of Ravine River County – are in accord there is a good sense of law, order and justice. But when they fall out, as have the owners of a proposed new railroad with those of a steamboat company in the 1880s, the local community risks being destroyed.   K.S. Stanley lives in London …

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Sam Clancy

Dark clouds gather over the township of Storm, Montana. Fast guns have congregated to test their skills against the gunfighter called Red Rivers. The prize is ten thousand dollars, and Big Kev Riordan needs someone to collect it, because Rivers killed his son and now is the time for revenge.   Into the maelstrom ride two men. One on a …

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