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The Valerons – Winter Kill

Terrell L Bowers

The cold and blizzards of the winter of 1886-87 forever changed a way of life in cattle country. But, while winter storms might bring many things in the world to a standstill, evil never rests and romance doesn’t follow a season or timetable. Jared Valeron had become embroiled in the search for a killer, but ends up taking a load …

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Return of the Buffalo Hunter

Ralph Hayes

Wade Guthrie is a menacing man. Turning away from the life of a Texas Ranger after murdering the entire family of a wanted man, he became an outlaw with a deadly gang by his side. The gruesome group get wind of a man known only to most as O’Brien. A buffalo hunter and a trapper, he just wants a quiet …

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Deception Point

Alex Frew

When the going gets tough the men who are being hunted turn into the hunters. A young man is suspected of a crime that he denies, but he has a secret that can’t be revealed. He has nothing to do with those who want to kill, but young Wheeler has a secret that will turn not just his world upside …

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Beware A Wronged Avenger

Ethan Flagg

An army patrol led by Lieutenant Shadrak Pickett is making its way through the Pioneer Mountains in southwest Montana. Its purpose is to deliver the monthly payroll to Fort Wisdom. Everything changes when a solitary traveller is encountered who claims his horse has died from a snakebite. The man asks for a ride to the next settlement. Being an old …

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Animal Instinct

Lee Clinton

It was the perfect hold-up, conducted with military precision by four men who calmly walked out of the Ozark Branch of the First National Bank with close to $50,000. Then it all went wrong. One unfortunate shot hits their leader Frank Jerome as he rides away. What to do? Take the risk and try to ride out the 250 miles …

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The Sitka Killings

Paul Bedford

It’s 1867. The USA has just purchased Alaska from the Russian Empire, and sent Colonel Jefferson Davis and part of the 9th Infantry to take possession of the ‘last frontier’. Replacing the ‘Russkies’ would prove to be the easy part though; governing the new territory something else entirely, because the soldiers are barely off the steamship before two officers are …

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Stage to Nowhere

Jefferson Clay

The sheriff of Tumbleweed took an instant dislike to Duke Benedict and Hank Brazos. The dude and the giant in the garish purple shirt looked like trouble to him. So he gave them one-way tickets for the next stage out to Flintlock …. and that’s when the trouble really began. The minute it left town, the stagecoach became a target. …

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Six-Gun Avengers

Frank Callan

1866 – In Randal, Grayson County, Montana, the court is in session. Most of the leading citizens are gathered in the courthouse, as it’s the day Bill Serlich is being tried for the murder of his wife, Sarah, and her lover, Dan Beech. Then a stranger checks in to stay a few days. He’s smart, looks wealthy, reckons to be …

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Divine Wind

Lee Clinton

Robert Brodie was always a practical man. It helped him survive the war as a Texan Confederate – as a miner in Death Valley – and now as a muleskinner hauling borax across one of the most inhospitable places on the earth’s surface. So, when an old Indian bestows the Divine Wind upon him from Tanka the Great Spirit, it …

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Chronicles of a Bounty Hunter

Dave Hooker

Settlers are now travelling West by wagon trains, the very beginnings of a new life in a new land that is wild, beautiful and free for the ones who make it through.  Sharecroppers, under President Lincoln’s new law, encourages men and women who are young and strong to tame the huge prairie lands; a land for adventurers; exhilarating, yet brutal.  …

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