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A Short Ride to Hell

Paul Green

When a Wells Fargo stage is robbed and all the passengers murdered, Sheriff Luke Callaghan is suspicious of Jackson Tate’s claim that this was the work of Apaches. He sets off in pursuit of Tate and his gang, only to find himself battling the gun running Mexican bandit, Hector Salinas. Things go from bad to worse, and Callaghan is forced …

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Aces Wild

E. Jefferson Clay

They were an odd pair, the one-time Union captain and the former Confederate sergeant. They’d fought each other during the Battle of Pea Ridge and then ended up fighting shoulder to shoulder when a common enemy showed his face. Bo Rangle, leader of the guerilla force known as Rangle’s Raiders, took advantage of the slaughter to steal what the two …

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Adios, Bandido

E. Jefferson Clay

It had been months since Brazos and Benedict had started their search for Bo Rangle, the outlaw who’d killed most of their comrades in the War and stolen a fortune in gold. But the west was a big place and Rangle could have been anywhere.  Then they chanced upon the best lead they’d had in months…. the only trouble was, …

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Ambush at Skyline Ranch

Thomas McNulty

Pinkerton Agent Cameron Scott arrives at the crossroads town of Willow Branch Creek seeking answers to a series of train robberies. He gets more than he bargained for when he befriends the lovely Becky Drake when defending her son from one of rancher Jim Gilson’s cowpunchers. To complicate matters, an old enemy has come to town, Larry Strickland, who did …

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Ambush on the Butterfield Trail

Jay Clanton

When Abednego Merton’s young daughter is seized by Comancheros, he resolves to recover his beloved child, no matter what the cost. He also vows privately that he will, in the process, kill every man who had any part, howsoever small, in taking his daughter from him.   Simon Webb, who lives on the outskirts of London, is the author of …

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Animal Instinct

Lee Clinton

It was the perfect hold-up, conducted with military precision by four men who calmly walked out of the Ozark Branch of the First National Bank with close to $50,000. Then it all went wrong. One unfortunate shot hits their leader Frank Jerome as he rides away. What to do? Take the risk and try to ride out the 250 miles …

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Archer’s Luck

Ed Roberts

When drifter Lew Archer meets a priest, while travelling along a lonely road in Texas; he thinks nothing of it. But this chance encounter sets in motion a train of events which, strange to relate, sees Archer undertaking to escort a party of nuns through hostile territory to start a school on the Mexican border. With war and bloodshed around …

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Arizona Mayhem

Corba Sunman

Forder managed to get into a sitting position. He was half-turned away from Carter. His right hand was sliding inside his jacket, reaching into his left armpit. Carter watched him until the hand reappeared from the jacket, saw it was holding a gun, and lunged forward to grapple with him. While Carter was concentrating on Forder, Cassie produced a .41 …

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Dale Graham

Fed up driving an old mud wagon to deliver mail around Tucson, Arizona, young Jeff Hayden is eager for change. But his boss reckons he doesn’t have the experience to handle the more prestigious Concord stagecoaches. When a special delivery of gold to Gila Bend is lacking a suitable driver, Jeff’s hero Trace Wildeblood suggests he is more than capable …

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Bad Blood

Ethan Flagg

The bond between wandering cowboys Buck Medwell and his younger brother Skip has always been fractious. So when Buck is forced to bust his kin out of jail following their pay-off at the end of a cattle drive to Newton, Kansas, the writing is on the wall. Their flight from the law into neighbouring Colorado leads to a split when …

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