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The Badman’s Daughter – Paperback

Terry James

When mysterious stranger Daniel Cliff arrives in Ranch Town, he has no shortage of job offers. But the town is caught in the stranglehold of a brutal tyrant, and Daniel refuses to take sides. That is until the spirited Charlotte ‘Charlie’ Wells, heir to the Crooked-W ranch, crosses his path. When she offers him the chance to help her right …

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The Angry Land – Paperback

Sam Peeples

He pays his debts with hot lead! This is the story of a kid who turns killer, a boy who grows to manhood long before his time. Seeing no justice in the land, he takes the law into his own lightning swift hands. The legend that grows around Billy Bascom is born the day they planted the cross that read: …

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Sundown Comes Twice

Art Isberg

Judd Miller and his brother work to start a small ranch outside the town of Red Bluffs. But other interests in their valuable property lead to the powerful mayor of the town, working with other crooked officials, to fleece the brothers of their deeded ground, culminating in the killing of Judd’s brother, Randall. Unknown to Judd, the transcontinental railroad is …

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Revenge Riders

Alex Frew

Hawk had Indian forebears, but lived the life of a peaceful rancher. Until, that is, the bandits came. With his wife dead and his son gone, kidnapped and beyond finding, Hawk returns to the ways of his people. He goes hunting, only this time he is hunting for the hardest game of all – the evil men who have committed …

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Return to Sundown Valley

Cole Shelton

Luke Dawson and his Navajo Indian sidekick, Honani, both Union soldiers, have ridden home from the Civil War. Each man yearns to return to a normal life but while they rode away to the War, things changed in Sundown Valley. Instead of peace in the valley, they face Dallas Zimmer who’s consumed by greed and has a bunch of killers …

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Hunting Harker – Paperback

Greg Mitchell

When Ollie Harker’s wagon fails to arrive at Logjam Creek, his employer, JD Cookson, hires Tom Parry and Durango Finch to find it. It appears that Harker has been killed by hostile Indians, but when a murder in the town is linked to him, Harker’s mission is revealed to be something more than a routine freighting operation. The trail leads …

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Dead Man Walking – Paperback

Derek Rutherford

The authorities warned Jim Jackson that if ever set foot in Texas again then he wouldn’t get out alive. But Jim is back. Searching for information about old friends incarcerated in the cruel Texas penal system, with intentions to bust them out of wherever they are. When Jim foils a train robbery, he’s suddenly a hero and a hunted man. …

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The Valerons – Double Ante

Terrell Bowers

Sketcher, as ramrod over the Valeron cattle, takes Reese Valeron’s place on a trip to the yearly auction in Chicago with Shane and Jared Valeron. A simple sketch becomes the impetus that quickly involves Sketcher with several street urchins, a person called Mother and an unsolved murder. Meanwhile, Wyatt goes to visit a friend in the small town of Solitary. …

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The Sons of Some Dear Mother

Matt Cole

The five sons of Dorothy Daniels – Frank, a notorious gunman; Hugh, an attorney; Urban, a drifter who works odd jobs; Virgil, a sober and serious rancher; and the youngest, Casey – reunite in their hometown of Blue Springs Creek, Missouri, for their mother’s funeral, after she is murdered.   The townspeople are shocked, and an eyewitness claims it was …

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Ridgeway’s Bride

Will DuRey

Cassie Edmond was puzzled by the odd behaviour of those around her. First it was the curious bark from their dog Butte, then the old Ute called Charlie who sometimes called to trade for coffee and flour but now sat silent on his droop-headed paint at the yard gate. Finally it was her father, lifting down his Winchester to go …

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