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Bleak Winds of Destiny

Dale Graham

The Rebel Raiders are heading for New Mexico territory to rob the bank in Tucumcari. Major Deke Hogan, a Civil War guerrilla fighter, heads the contingent. The proceeds of the attack are intended to support the Confederacy in a last ditch effort to regain the initiative. But destiny has played a mean trick when Hogan discovers that the surrender had …

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Bighorn Gold

Art Isberg

Jesper Tubbs has spent his life wandering the western mountains searching for the elusive glint of gold. But Fate plays its fickle hand late in his life when, at the point of starvation, he literally stumbles upon a fabulous strike.  But Tubbs finds far more than just gold. His chance discovery is to turn sane men into wanton killers who …

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Tracking Apache Joe

George Arthur

A small band of renegade Apache led by Broken Hand have captured the daughters of a preacher and are headed for Mexico. After them are Anson Hawkstone and Black Feather, scouting for the army, plus the preacher with four gunmen, and a cavalry patrol that cannot cross the Mexican border. Added to that, Apache Joe and his Choctaw squaw are …

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The Battle for the Bar-Q

Will Black

Mitch Evans is riding to his brother’s small ranch after receiving a telegram saying there was trouble brewing. But Cal Morgan, a ranch hand for the Bar-Q, has been forced by his ruthless foreman, Latham Parry, to ambush Mitch before he can get to his brother’s ranch, the Bar-B. Both men shoot each other – Mitch in the shoulder and …

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Return to Crows Creek

John E Vale

Return to Crows Creek is the second in the series following the adventures of Englishman Marshal Daniel Wheetman, who has been given over to President Hayes by Queen Victoria in an attempt to bring to justice to the lawless west. However, Daniel’s methods of policing are in complete contrast to those employed by other US sheriffs and marshals; he cannot ride …

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Massacre at Maple Bluff

Brent Larson

When Cade Kellerman and his gang bungled their robbery of a train and killed more than twenty passengers, they could not have known that the husband of one of those killed was himself a former bandit, who would stick at nothing to revenge himself on those he blamed for the loss of his wife. Together with an idealistic law student, …

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Boyd Rode Alone

Matt Cole

Alvin Boyd was a killer, not a bad man, but when he tried to escape his past, he found he stood alone. After Alvin’s death, his brother, Asa, rode into town looking to avenge him. What he found was a white-hot range war. Quickly finding job as the town’s deputy, Asa found it to be a tough job in this …

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Ambush at Skyline Ranch

Thomas McNulty

Pinkerton Agent Cameron Scott arrives at the crossroads town of Willow Branch Creek seeking answers to a series of train robberies. He gets more than he bargained for when he befriends the lovely Becky Drake when defending her son from one of rancher Jim Gilson’s cowpunchers. To complicate matters, an old enemy has come to town, Larry Strickland, who did …

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The Legend of Keane O’Leary

P. McCormac

When outlaw chief Keane O’Leary decides it’s time to retire from a life of banditry he is unaware he is about to unleash a bloody sequence of events that will make his past misdeeds seem like a hillbilly shindig. His three daughters are the inheritors of his empire of crime, and hell hath no fury like a woman who covets …

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Tears of the Buffalo

Paul Bedford

The days of slaughtering buffalo were supposedly over, mainly because there were so pitifully few of them remaining. But with top dollar on offer for their severed heads as trophies, some hunters just can’t resist. In Yellowstone Park, where such poaching is illegal, Captain Moses Harris and his company of US Cavalry are assigned the job of stopping them. Yet …

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