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Deadly Carnage

Edwin Derek

When the train carrying him to prison is derailed, Confederate prisoner-of-war Jeff Kyle is surprised when a Yankee sergeant helps him escape. However, the sergeant is Confederate scout Mike Avison in disguise. Together, the two hatch a plan to escape to freedom, but fate intervenes in the shape of Clara Marston, who has in her possession a key to a …

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Dirk Hawkman

The money, the looks, the brains… rich banker Abdon Timpson has it all – and he knows it. But his uppity arrogance doesn’t help Abdon when the sheriff cuffs him and locks him up for the night. There’s a gunman on the loose, and this outlaw is a dead ringer for Abdon. The shootings don’t stop when Abdon’s in jail, …

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Time of Reckoning

Colin Bainbridge

Ry Tyler is in no doubt; he has recently seen his old friend Slim Freeman alive and kicking. So how come Freeman’s grave is on Boot Hill? Tyler’s search for the truth leads him into a world of intrigue and danger, where nothing is as it seems. What about the marshal and his deputy? What about Sadie Roundtree and the …

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The Bolas

Caleb Rand

Will Chalk and his partner set out to deliver horses to a US Army post near the New Mexico border. But when they meet a fellow Texan being troubled by a ruthless land-grabber, their thoughts of returning home are put aside. From the timberline of Condor Pass, Bruno Ogden is defiling the ranchland of Hog Flats to such an extent …

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Petticoat Marshal

George Snyder

Gunfighter Cort Packet rides into the town of Scarlet intending to kill Yucca Frazel, but many try to prevent him: Frazel’s employer rancher Addison Blackwell, an Indian agent cheating Apaches out of goods, a gunfighter rumoured to have murdered the marshal’s husband, and the marshal herself – Rebecca Rogers, trying to find the truth about her husband’s death, forced into …

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North of the Line

Paul Bedford

This direct sequel to The Lawmen sees Deputy United States Marshal Jesse Bronson sent north of the line into Canada, to assist with the capture of two highly dangerous American outlaws. Brin Carson and Vern Hatcher have joined up with a gang of ruthless Metis half-breeds led by Gabriel Dumont. Their joint aim is to lucratively target the Canadian Pacific …

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Kingsman of the Gun

Walton Young

Cheyenne, 1888. Ezra McPherson is a gunfighter who cannot escape the past, and Luke Tisdale is a young doctor whose brother has been murdered. Marcus Stokesbury and Eloise Endicott are journalists who are intrigued by the mystery surrounding Ezra. Together with Richard Swearingen, a cattle baron who seeks to establish a kingdom in Wyoming, and Andrew Swearingen, a man who …

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Jack Parker Comes of Age

Ed Roberts

Jack Parker, the fifteen-year-old son of the sheriff of Mayfield, does not enjoy a close and loving relationship with his father. When a vicious range war erupts in the area, Jack and his father are drawn closer when they find themselves fighting against an incursion by a band of Texan freebooters, and for a time it looks as though the …

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Wanted Dead or Alive

Ralph Hayes

A year after being saved from kidnapping, Dulcie Provost is waiting for the return of her rescuer, bounty hunter Certainty Sumner. But first Sumner has to carry out one more mission – tracking down the sadistic outlaw known as the Lakota Kid. But unbeknown to Sumner, he himself is also the quarry of an equally ruthless bounty hunter, Luther Bastian. …

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Trail of Lead

Mike Deane

When bandit Charlie Weston robs a bank in Baxter Springs he is on dangerous ground. Marshal Pete Baker is the lawman in town and he will not let Weston get away easily. He sets out to bring the bank robber to justice, starting a manhunt that will stretch all the way west along the emigrant trail. And end in a …

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