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Fire Wolf

Michael D. George

The deadly hired killer Fire Wolf is heading to a remote settlement in answer to a telegraph message. On the way there he tangles with three wanted outlaws in the ghost town known as Gold Strike. When the remaining two outlaws show up they vow vengeance and trail the emotionless Fire Wolf. Upon arriving in Jamesburg to find the man …

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Bad Name Drifter

Frank Callan

Sam Galway is settled in Dalton, Kansas, and is now a local dignitary and respected family man. However, Dalton is a town split in two: north of the railroad line life is decent and ordered, but south of the line, cowboys raise hell and the riff-raff of the world frequent the streets. Into this town comes Sam’s younger brother, Wes. …

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The Line Rider

K S Stanley

With his job as a line rider under threat, Mack Cambray hopes to settle down with his bride as a homesteader. However, in trying to solve the mystery of his wife’s untimely death, Mack ends up in the middle of a violent range war.

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Tanner’s Revenge

Michael Stewart

When a gang of outlaws kill Deputy Jack Tanner’s ma and pa, he hunts them down, one by one. The trail leads him deep into the mountains of Mexico, where he encounters the mysterious Queen of Meseta de Plata – boss of the notorious ‘thieves’ town’ – and ultimately confronts the gang’s leader, the evil Amos Payne.

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Remarque’s Law

Will DuRey

Ben Joyner has no argument with the people who built their homes on the grassland near Pecos, but the cattlemen have long considered the range their own domain and now trouble is brewing. Rancher Gus Remarque is Ben’s boss and believes that the dollar a day he pays buys not only a man’s labour but his loyalty, too. The time …

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Gold Rush

Bill Grant

Union Army deserter Cody Black thinks Gold Hill is a safe place to hide out the war and make his fortune. But Cody finds prospecting to be a tough business and soon finds himself in debt to the local gold baron. Desperate for work, he is forced to become a deputy sheriff and now faces the very violence he fled …

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Dead Man’s Return

Derek Rutherford

How far along the trail of violence and killing can a good man walk before he becomes as bad as those that he is hunting? A terrible fear paralyses the town of Leyton, Texas. On the morning that Sheriff Jack Anderson is to hang a sixteen-year-old boy for a horse theft the boy never committed, Jim Jackson arrives in Leyton …

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A Gift From Crick

John McNally

Sailors Diggings an isolated mining settlement is left reeling when outlaws slaughter seventeen of the stunned population and clean out the assay office stealing $75,000 worth of freshly mined gold. A group of vigilantes led by Don Plunkett give chase determined to dispense some Old West justice. Eddie Carter is mistaken for a gang member and to escape a lynching …

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The Vengeful Deputy

I.J. Parnham

The town of Lone Ridge was a lawless hell-hole until the ruthless Nyle King eliminated all the gunslingers. Now Nyle controls the town and everyone who opposes him ends up dead, so US Marshal Caine tasks his deputy Gabriel Flynn with bringing Nyle to justice. Gabriel goes to Lone Ridge, but only because he’s searching for the outlaw who killed …

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Alex Hawksville

They came in the night and took away every inhabitant of the isolated mining town that they could capture. Men, women, and the one child had been taken from the town that they rightly called Purgatory. But one man who had fought heroically against the invaders, John King, who they had left for dead, was left to fight back against …

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