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Philip McCormac

Blain Larkin and his brother Moylan run afoul of Verne Lecroy, son of a powerful banker. When Lecroy kills Moylan in a gunfight Blain tries to revenge his brother’s death but only manages to wound Lecroy. The youngster is sentenced to hang for attempted murder. Blain goes on the run and in order to survive joins an outlaw gang led …

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Adam Brady

Buck Halliday was a sudden man with a gun. That’s why Judge Cowper, of Shimmer Creek, hired him. The judge wanted a man named Jason Henley killed. Henley, he said, had taken over the town, lock, stock and barrel, and now he expected every other businessman to pay him protection money. Halliday had killed men before, but he wasn’t a …

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Escape from the Casa Grande

P. J. Gallagher

Josh Martin has headed West seeking adventure. He finds it – and also finds a life and death situation, becoming marooned in a lonely desolate valley with no hope of remaining alive unless he can employ the few skills that he possesses. To add to his problems, he also has to care for Ellie, a girl who is the sole …

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Enemies of Medicine Feather

Will DuRey

A renowned hunter, tracker and guide, few white men know the land west of the Missouri like Weston Gray. The Arapaho and Lakota Sioux people with whom he’s lived from time to time call him Medicine Feather and he’s acted as interpreter and spokesman for them to avert trouble with the military and at treaty meetings with Washington delegates. Among …

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The Gallows at Gila Bend

Paxton Johns

A vacancy has appeared in the riverside settlement of Gila Bend, Arizona. When the incumbent marshal, Bill Owen, is killed by a drunk, the English aristocrat Born Gallant steps in to fill the void. Little does he know that his spell as this town’s badge-bearer will be far more eventful than he predicted… He won’t have to handle the danger …

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Paul Bedford

When Martha Pootes watched the three Union soldiers approach her parent’s farm in Kentucky, she had no inkling of the stark horror they would bring. Raped and left for dead, the young woman manages to impart a very sketchy description of her attackers before breathing her last. Returning to General Grant’s Army Of The Tennessee, the men believe that they …

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Jack Crow

Kilraine: the fast gun who left to protect his family; Grace Jefferson: Kilraine’s wife who was shot when their ranch was raided by night riders; Lucy Jefferson: the daughter he’s never seen; Sam Jefferson: Grace’s father – they murdered him claiming self-defense; Carver Giles: he killed to have it all; Eli Carter: the brave young man who stood up for …

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Kee-To Iron Hand

Art Isberg

Kee-To, Iron Hand is the one Sioux leader white soldiers have never been able to corner or capture. His daring raids and uncanny ability to avoid being behind bars have made him a priority for the cavalry officers to find and jail. But Kee-To has the blood of fighting ancestors and their mystical whispers to him to keep him free. …

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Gun Law at Lost Bucket

Colin Bainbridge

A quiet life is the only thing Dane Cleadon wants, but it seems he can’t escape his past reputation as a gun fighter and town tamer. When he is called out by young Tim Ryland, he does his best to avoid trouble but to no avail. Ryland dies accidentally by his own gun and his father, local magnate Cass Ryland, …

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Drifter’s Revenge

Steve Hayes

They called him Drifter, because that’s what he’d done most of his life. But no matter where he went, he always came back to Santa Rosa, New Mexico–the nearest thing he had to a home. Still, there was trouble brewing outside town, and though Drifter wanted no part of it, fate had other ideas. Against his better judgment he signed …

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