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The MaCallum Boys – Paperback

C J Sommers

Most folks either loved or hated the McCallum boys. Everyone feared them. Their crusty father had brought them up to Wyoming from Texas and died, leaving them only half-grown and rough-tempered. To their neighbours on the Porter ranch, Rose Ann Porter and her niece Becky, the McCallum boys were helpful, attentive and polite. All four of the boys were half …

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The Fury of El Tigre

B S Dunn

El Tigre – the Tiger. That’s what the Mexicans called him. His name was Jim Curtis, and he was a product of the Civil War, who went to Mexico to fight in the Revolution. Now, he just roams the West, riding from one town to the next – a drifter with no home. Then fate intervenes, in the form of …

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Brent Towns

  Blaine Saracen has returned home to Texas to find his parents dead and his sister taken by Black Ted Allen. So begins a long quest to find his sister. In the course of his journey, Saracen is caught up in a bloody showdown, having saved the lives of two United States Marshals, then is given the job of transferring …

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Reign of Terror

Paul Bedford

Buffalo hunter Woodrow Clayton experiences the full horror of the Comanche terror at the Battle of Adobe Walls, and then again in the bloody aftermath that spreads along the frontier. He vows to help the US Army put an end to it, once and for all. Homesteader Jared Tucker sees his wife and son slaughtered, and daughter, Lucy, carried off …

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Pony Express – Paperback

Harriet Cade

When fifteen-year-old Jack Taylor is offered a job with the newly formed Pony Express Company, it looks as though he will be able to rescue his family from the financial problems which are troubling them. However, he injures his ankle, and it is likely his job will fall through. His twin sister, Beth, decides to ride in his place; this …

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Marshal of the Barren Plains – Paperback

I J Parnham

When Marshal Rattigan Fletcher failed to stop Jasper Minx raiding the town bank, the angry townsfolk forced him to leave Ash Valley in disgrace. Rattigan went west in pursuit of Jasper, and in the inhospitable Barren Plains he got a chance to put right his mistake. Rattigan is hired to find out why men from the Bleak Point silver mine …

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Long Ride to Serenity – Paperback

Harry Jay Thorn

This is the story of a range war, the story of a railroad right of way, of murder, greed and corruption littering the long dark trail from the East Coast of America, to south Texas. This is the story of the township of Serenity, and the people who live and die there. Above all it is the story of Louise …

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Fury at Bent Fork – Paperback

B S Dunn

It has become known as the Stone Creek Valley war, and for a time the land ran red with the blood of innocents and killers alike. In the middle of it all stands a young man, Chad Hunter, against the murderous bunch called the Committee, trying to halt their takeover of his once peaceful home. The Committee are the four …

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Dark Horse

Lee Clinton

Nettie Youcheck must fight for what is rightfully hers, the large and profitable Double U cattle ranch. If she fails, her future will be a life of servitude under the control of a vicious and vindictive father. By her side are just two allies – Hollis, the old, black house servant, and Rita, who runs the town brothel and knows …

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Ambush on the Butterfield Trail

Jay Clanton

When Abednego Merton’s young daughter is seized by Comancheros, he resolves to recover his beloved child, no matter what the cost. He also vows privately that he will, in the process, kill every man who had any part, howsoever small, in taking his daughter from him.   Simon Webb, who lives on the outskirts of London, is the author of …

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